Monday, August 8, 2011

The Role of Republicans in American Government

From a James Surowiecki artile in The New Yorker magazine:
There are, to be sure, all sorts of ways in which House Republicans are still useful allies for corporations. They’re trying to roll back financial regulation and to limit the E.P.A.’s power, and they’ve quashed any attempt to strengthen the power of labor unions. But it’s time for business to realize that, on the question of managing the economy, House Republicans will let ideology trump economic interest. After all, it was proto-Tea Partiers in the House who, in 2008, voted down TARP the first time around, erasing more than a trillion dollars in stock-market value in a single day. Now, once again, House Republicans have pursued a strategy that business doesn’t want and that will damage investors. The grim truth is that, at this point, we’d be better off if the House Republicans really were the handmaidens of corporate America, rather than ideologues who prefer crisis to compromise. As it is, the G.O.P. has put our money where their mouth is.
The economic right in America paid for a political right wing insurgency and now they are reaping the ills that delivered. It reminds me of 1932 in German when the political right thought it has found a sucker it could maneuver to maintain control in the Reichstag, Adolf Hitler. That didn't work out so well for all those big business men who saw their plants bombed to bits and the country destroyed by mid 1945. Big money needs to be careful when it picks it flunkies.

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