Thursday, August 4, 2011

Robots in the Kitchen

I think it is safe to say that robots won't be replacing kitchen staff in the next twenty years.

I worked in the high tech industry and I was amazed at the advances during my 3 decade career. Generally the advances that were most astonishing were in hardware, architecture, and a bit in software. The "advances" in robots and AI (artificial intelligence) have been amazing for their disappointments and inability to make radical, speedy headway. They are improving, but for an impatient person like myself, way too slow.

If I'm lucky robots will be driving cars (on specially designated and prepared roads) and doing light housework by the day I die, but I doubt they will be doing any truly complex tasks.

Here's the "state of the art" in cooking:

More info is available at Nick Bilton's blog on the NY Times.

All those culinary students can rest easy. Their jobs are safe for at least two decades!

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