Monday, August 1, 2011

Overburdened Americans

As everybody around the world knows, the poor American taxpayer is hard done by. The Republican party has made a crusade of lifting the onerous burden off the shoulders of the long-suffering American taxpayer.

Here's a graphic to show just how badly abused the American taxpayer truly is. From the Infectious Greed blog:

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I'm hoping the Republicans keep pushing for a more "just" tax burden. Just a little more effort and the US will nestle cozily with Mexico and Chile as paragons of virtue regarding government taxes.

And the bottom section of the graphic shows that while it appears that the US has less real burden from taxes, everybody knows that the true patriots in America are overwhelmed by a greedy central government that is squeezing the life out of entrepreneurs and "job creators", so more tax cuts and even more tax cuts are needed to achieve true tax "equity" in America.

The irresponsible and shiftless who expect that government will collect taxes to cover unemployment and pensions need to be taught a lesson. Cut back on their government services and Social Security. Just because they have paid for these benefits doesn't mean they should get them. They need to be more "entrepreneurial" like Wall Street that paid nothing into government coffers but got a $700 billion bailout in 2008. Now that is what "job creators" are all about. Turning tax dollars into be bonuses for hard working Wall Street types.

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