Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Missing Mind of Michelle Bachmann

From a post by James Fallows on The Atlantic magazine site:
Michelle Bachmann, even when given a second chance, seemed genuinely to believe that the federal debt ceiling applied to future spending, not bills and tax cuts the Congress had already voted to enact. Not sure which is worse: that she knows better and decided this was an applause line to push, or she really doesn't know the first thing about the Congressional budgeting process. I bet most Americans also think that holding down the debt ceiling is a forward-looking budgetary step -- ie, that it's like resolving to spend less next month, rather than the real comparison, which is resolving not to pay a credit card bill when it shows up. But for a national candidate not to understand this??? Seriously, this is like discovering that your doctor thinks that your trachea is attached to your spleen.
For a country with a population of 309 to select this level of incompetence and idiocy to be its leader is mind-numbingly incomprehensible.

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