Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Good Question to Ponder

Dylan Ratigan asks a very good question on the Huffington Post:
Why Keep Geithner?

A year ago it was revealed to the American people that our banking system is a legalized Ponzi scheme in which bank and insurance CEOs pay themselves billions of dollars in personal compensation to lend and insure assets with money they don't have to customers who can't pay back the loans.
In those dark days between the fall of Lehman Brothers and before the presidential election, we were often carried through that time by the small glimmer of hope that at least we would soon have a new leader who would hopefully fix this mess and punish those responsible.

Yet in the past 9 months, not only has the administration failed to fix anything, they have actually made things much worse for anyone who isn't a Wall Street banker. Therefore, we are past the point where anyone in power still gets the benefit of the doubt -- the process of taking back our country for all citizens must begin now.
Go read the whole article. It skewers Geithner and the rest of the administration. Ratigan lays it on the line. He names names. He asks the right questions: why must the taxpayers keep paying these fraud artists to perpetuate their fraud?

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