Monday, November 23, 2009

The Failings of American Health Care

I get a chuckle out of the idiotic positions that US lawmakers get into over health care. The ranting about the "public option" drives me crazy. These lawmakers refuse to open their eyes and see just how broken the US health care system is. This graphic makes the point. The US spends far more money per capita on health care but has shorter lifetimes and higher infant mortality. It is as if the US is purposefully designing a health care delivery system that kills people off and American are proud of it. They should be ashamed! The debate should focus on how money is wasted. Instead, the lawmakers act as if everything would be tickety-boo if only there is no "public option"...

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The reason why the rest of the world gets better bang for its health care buck is that they all have public health care systems. The only "public" health care in the US are the remnants of the 19th century when public health authorities were put in place to monitor plagues and act in extreme situations to protect the population. Otherwise Americans are in love with the idea of public misery and private excesses. Nutty!

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