Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pity the Super-Rich

Here'e the lead-in for a short article on current research on money & happiness trying to figure out why money buys a little happiness but not as much as you would expect:
Spare a thought for the super-rich, the poor darlings can't appreciate a tin of spam, a lump of coal or a cardboard box the way you and I can.
It's a mystery why money doesn't make us happy, because it feels like it damn well should. With money we can buy whatever we want, go wherever we want, even be whoever we want. Surely that should make us happy?

And yet study after study shows that in affluent societies money might bring satisfaction, but it doesn't bring much happiness.

Perhaps, as people become really rich, they don't choose more enjoyable activities (i.e. they stay in the office working)? Perhaps material goods just can't make us happy? Or perhaps there is always someone richer, spoiling the party with their more impressive wealth?
Go read the blog posting the get the details of the research. It is worth a peek!

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