Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 2012 Fight

Here is Robert Reich laying out the basis for a real political fight in the 2012 US Presidential campaign:

I'm pessimistic because in 2008 Obama ran on a platform of real change and then gave the US 4 more years of watered down Bush policies of war, tax cuts for the rich, and a focus on deficits. He should have fought for a real stimulus, for public works programs to reduce unemployment, and for mortgage relief. Of the promises he made, he lived up to very few. Instead he surprised the American people with a pro-Wall Street, pro-rich guy, pro-corporation, business-as-usual in Washington. Now he wants people to believe that he has "changed". I don't think so.

But sadly, the other choice is far worse. A crazed right wing nut from the fundamentalist Christian and Libertarian minorities that hunger to set the agenda for the vast majority. That would be letting the inmates run the asylum.

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